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Teen Therapy

Do you feel your teen needs help managing emotions?

  • Is your teen always angry or sad?

  • Is your teen having a hard time through this phase?

  • Have you noticed negative changes in your teen's behaviour?

  • Are your teen’s emotions impacting their academic performance at school? 


Adolescence can be very difficult, there are many changes and challenges to navigate and as parents, it can be difficult to understand these emotions and guide our teens through them. This situation can make you feel distant from your teen, or you may even feel that you are not doing a good job as a parent.

Adolescence is a Process We All Must Go Through.

Parenting is not easy, no one is born knowing how to educate a child, raising an adolescent has its unique challenges because they experience personality and body changes, mood swings, dating and so much more. In this stage of life, humans get prepared to become adults. This discovery phase can be overwhelming to teens and also to parents because everything is changing at a fast pace. 


According to the World Health Organization, “it is estimated that 3.6% of 10–14-year-olds and 4.6% of 15–19-year-olds experience an anxiety disorder. Depression is estimated to occur among 1.1% of adolescents aged 10–14 years, and 2.8% of 15–19-year-olds. Depression and anxiety share some of the same symptoms, including rapid and unexpected changes in mood”. 


But depression and anxiety are not the only problems that teens can suffer, there are other common problems in teenagers, such as behavioral disorders, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) that occur among 3.1% of 10-14-year-olds and 2.4% of 15–19-year-olds. This kind of behavioural disorder can affect adolescents’ education and their personal development.

For Teenagers, Some Days Are More Difficult Than Others.

Parenting a teenager is not about letting go. It's about sticking out through a bumpy ride, accepting that sometimes you need help and that's perfectly fine, seeking professional help is an act of courage and responsibility to your children.

How We'll Lend a Hand

At The Wise Self Psychotherapy Clinic, our approach to teen counseling focuses on understanding, empathy, and collaboration. 


We recognize that adolescent years can be a period of immense growth, self-discovery, and challenges. Our skilled team of licensed therapists is committed to creating a safe and non-judgmental space where teenagers can express their feelings and concerns. Through a combination of individualized counseling sessions, evidence-based techniques, and open dialogue, we strive to empower teens to explore their emotions, navigate their worries and learn effective strategies to cope with life's uncertainties. 

Let's Work Together For A Great Future For Your Teen.

Our therapists work hand in hand with the teenagers and their parents, fostering open communication and mutual understanding, ensuring a holistic approach to healing and growth. 


At The Wise Self, we believe that every teenager has the strength to overcome obstacles and thrive, and we are here to guide them on their journey toward a happier, healthier, and more resilient self.

Interested in Teen Therapy? Book a 15-minute FREE Consultation!

Feeling Unsure About Teen Counseling for Your Child?

Are you uncertain about the effectiveness of Teen Therapy?

According to the American Psychological Association, mental health therapy is helpful for about 75% of people who try it. There's a huge possibility of healing and good results in professional guidance for your teen. Also take into consideration that counselling could be the only safe space for self-expression for your child, the one where they will learn valuable life skills and get help for emotional growth.

Feeling blame or guilt about not being able to manage the situation?

Seeking help should not be a cause for guilt, it's normal that parents might struggle with feeling self-blame, thinking they are responsible for their teen's difficulties, but the only way to face the situation is through therapy.


Don't have time to take your teen to Psychotherapy?

That shouldn't be a problem, at The Wise Self Psychotherapy Clinic we offer therapy in two different modalities and both of them work perfectly for teenagers, you can bring your teen to our clinic, but they can also receive the therapy online. 


My Teen Needs help and I want its teenage years to be smoother. I want to know who Psychotherapy Works. 

Teen therapy is an investment to live a better life. Improving your teen’s mental health and solving past traumas or navigating life transitions will help them make the right decisions, feel lighter and know how to handle situations when life gets challenging.

Don't have time to take your teen to Psychotherapy?

Transforming Parenting Struggles into Success with Professional Parenting Coaching

We have a team of therapists who are committed to helping you but also to making therapy affordable for everyone. 

At The Wise Self Psychotherapy Clinic, we are dedicated to providing you with flexible and accessible options for your teen’s therapeutic journey.  Our team speaks different languages and is available online and in-person, so you can choose whatever way best suits you. More than a hundred clients have accessed our services, our therapeutic techniques will improve your teen’s quality of life.

If you have any questions about our therapy services or want to get in touch with one of our team members you can call us at (289) 778-5429 or email us at  a 15 min FREE consultation.

Let Your Teen Become a Wiser Version of Themselves!

Our Teens Therapists

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