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Family Therapy

Wanting To Heal Family Wounds? Exploring the Impact of Family Therapy.

  • Is your family navigating through difficult times?

  • Feeling distant with your family members?

  • Wanting to rewrite your family story?

  • Feeling like your family life is chaotic? 

Family is supposed to be your safe haven. Very often it is the place where we find the deepest challenges. This may affect your behavior, decision making and interpersonal relationships.

Family Issues are a Natural Part of Life's Complexities


All families experience problems due to internal or external causes throughout life and that will affect your family directly. Each of your family members may feel disconcerted, overwhelmed and stressed.

Often, we hear about putting ourselves first, cultivating self-love and taking time for ourselves. But what about prioritizing our family? Having a family or being part of a family is often difficult due to personal characters, unhealed wounds, miscommunication. Each family member has their own personal challenges that need to be dealt with, the key to a successful healthy family relationship is to learn from each other's needs. Dealing with family issues may be challenging without help, that is why it is important to get help on time from the right therapist.

Unsolved family challenges may end up in divorces, economic strain, child and substance abuse or domestic violence.


Navigating Common and Unique Family Challenges

Family therapy offers a safe haven to address a range of common challenges that families encounter. These include communication breakdowns that strain relationships, parenting difficulties that can lead to misunderstandings, and conflicts arising from various perspectives within the family unit. Additionally, therapy provides a supportive space to tackle issues stemming from life transitions, such as divorce, blending families, or coping with loss. By acknowledging and addressing these challenges, families can find healing, develop stronger bonds, and learn effective strategies to navigate life's complexities together.

Fostering Stronger Family Bonds: Emotionally Focused Therapy at The Wise Self Psychotherapy Clinic

At The Wise Self Psychotherapy Clinic we provide emotionally focused family therapy. We are committed to assisting families by identifying harmful patterns to create a safe environment for all the family members in which they can express their feelings and concerns without fear of judgment or criticism. 

This process will foster a deeper comprehension of everyone's individual needs, facilitating collaborative efforts to cultivate stronger connections. It involves recognizing behavioral patterns that trigger stress or discord within the household, followed by a joint exploration of effective solutions. By engaging in this journey, family members collaboratively address disputes, reinforcing their connections while actively resolving issues.

Overall, this will help each member to support each other better during difficult times while maintaining healthy boundaries.

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Your Family is still not ready to take therapy?

Does Seeking for family therapy mean something is wrong with us?

Not at all. Seeking therapy is a sign of strength and a commitment to improving your family's well-being. It's a brave step that many families take to ensure healthier relationships that could impact positively to next generations.


Will therapy make us confront each other in a negative way?

Family Therapy at The Wise Self Clinic provides a structured and safe space to address issues constructively. The therapist will guide discussions to ensure they remain productive and respectful.


Can Family Therapy help if our issues have been ongoing for years?

Therapy can be beneficial even for long standing issues. Our Skilled therapists can provide fresh perspectives and strategies to promote healing and positive change.


Addressing these questions can help alleviate concerns and encourage families to consider the valuable benefits that family therapy can offer.

Helping People to Overcome Depression and Anxiety

I want my family to be happy and whole again. I am concerned about the costs of therapy. 

Family therapy is an investment to all family members because it helps them learn where they are coming from and break family patterns. The most outstanding benefit of family therapy is that it also helps future generations. Improving a family relationship positively affects the mental health of each member, this will help solve past traumas or navigate life transitions, decision making and to handle situations when life gets challenging.


We have a team of therapists that are committed to help families but also to make therapy affordable for everyone. 


At The Wise Self Psychotherapy Clinic, we are dedicated to providing you with flexible and accessible options for your therapeutic journey. We offer online and in-person sessions, whatever modality you choose our team of therapists will be there for you. More than a hundred clients have accessed our services in their preferred way, our therapeutic techniques will improve your quality of life.

If you have any questions about our therapy services or want to get in touch with one of our team members you can call us at (289) 778-5429 or email us at Book now a 15 min FREE consultation.

Let your Family become a Wiser Version of Themselves!

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