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Breaking Free: Understanding and Overcoming Addiction

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

How to Control Addiction Mental Health Therapist

We've all experienced cravings, be it for a slice of cake, a new pair of shoes, or just simply online shopping.

But did you know that intense feelings of desire and the inability to resist certain behaviors are common signs of addiction? And when these cravings become an unmanageable part of your daily life–it's time to delve deeper.

The Everyday Reality of Addiction

People struggling with addiction often incorporate harmful behaviors into their daily routines.

This could be using drugs or alcohol the very first thing in the morning to get through the day, or relying on these substances to cope with stress or somehow numb their feelings to avoid dealing with some difficult situations or emotions. It leads to a kind of persistent cycle where it already becomes an integral part of their existence.

And unfortunately, it affects various aspects of their lives that could range from physical health issues like liver damage due to alcohol abuse, mental health problems such as depression and anxiety as well as societal issues like damaged relationships, job loss, or worse, legal troubles. In addition to the common forms of addiction mentioned earlier, it's important to acknowledge that addiction can manifest in various ways, including pornography addiction. This particular addiction can have a profound impact on an individual's life, affecting not only their relationships but also their mental and emotional well-being. Recognizing the need for help and support in overcoming porn addiction is crucial. At The Wise Self, we understand the complexities of this issue, and our addictions specialist, Sara Stalker, is experienced in addressing this specific type of addiction. Whether you're struggling with substance abuse or behavioral addictions like pornography, our team is here to provide guidance and support on your path to recovery.

Pathways to Recovery

Online Psychotherapy Treatment for Addiction

There's this common misconception that addiction is just a moral failing or a choice–but in reality, it is a complex disease that changes one's brain's structure and function, making it incredibly challenging for them to stop using these substances or doing such behaviors even when they want to.

Despite these challenges, recovery from it is not just possible–it's the norm.

The journey to it often involves professional help, peer support, and a personal commitment to sobriety.

Treatment for drug addiction typically combines behavioral therapy like DBT and medication. Similarly, sex addiction treatment usually encompasses CBT, medication, participation in self-help groups, and psychotherapy.

Many people successfully overcome it and go on to lead fulfilling lives–and we also want that to happen to you. There's always hope, and it's never too late to start your journey towards recovery.

So, take that courageous step today.

Connect With Us here at The Wise Self and book you free 15-minutes consultation with our addictions specialist Sara Stalker



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