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Our Services

We are a culturally competent team that offers a caring and compassionate approach combined with a
variety of evidence-based therapeutic modalities to help you build resilience and meet your goals.  

As a highly effective and evidence-based treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Residual Post Traumatic Stress symptoms, EMDR helps reprocess traumatic experiences through bilateral stimulation (Typically eye movements) and the main goal is to achieve adaptative responses to your trauma triggers.

Extremely effective to help decrease suicidal thoughts and self-destructive behavior, DBT will help you tolerate and accept the intensity of your emotions, help you be more effective in your relationship and learn how to be in the present moment.

Recognizing parenting is a gift that can be challenging at times, we focus on coaching parents providing them with effective strategies to achieve their own parenting goals coring to their child’s needs.

Based on the premise that our thoughts affect how we feel and how we act, CBT helps you to identify unhelpful thoughts, challenge them and replace them with more healthy and functional ones. Over time, this will help you think and feel better and will unstuck you from vicious cycles and difunctional patterns in your life.

We offer Emotionally Focused Family Therapy and Emotion Focus therapy for couples. These approaches help families, and couples identify dysfunctional patterns and feel emotionally safe to express their concerns and feelings. Families and couples learn new ways of communicating and a variety of conflict resolution strategies. These evidence-based approaches are proven to help heal wounds from divorce, trauma bonding, dysfunctional relational patterns, and others.  

Based on the premise that pain is part of the human experience, ACT helps you to create a meaningful life while accepting the pain that inevitably goes with it. This helps you accept the things that are out of your control and commit to a life that aligns with your values.

Burnout from work and currently on stress leave? This service is for you! We provide specialized treatment that focuses on burnout recovery.

Together, we will work collaboratively and diligently to optimize your return to work.

Based on the premise that compassion towards yourself and others is essential for well-being, Compassion-Focused Therapy helps you learn compassionate ways to relate to yourself and others, decreasing excessive self-criticism and perfectionism tendencies.

Individual, dyadic, and group supervision are options for Registered Psychotherapists seeking quality clinical supervision based on best practices. During our supervision session, you will learn concrete clinical strategies to deal with challenging cases, enhance your clinical judgment and learn theory-to-practice skills. 

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